'Bigg Boss' winner attempts suicide, shares Facebook Live video

'Bigg Boss' winner attempts suicide, shares Facebook Live video

'Bigg Boss Kannada' winner Pratham attempts suicide, shares Facebook Live video
'Bigg Boss Kannada' Season 4 winner Pratham. Pictures courtesy: Pratham's Facebook account

Pratham, the winner of 'Bigg Boss Kannada' Season 4, attempted suicide on Wednesday by consuming sleeping pills at his house in Bengaluru.

Pratham posted a live Facebook video where he said that he is taking this drastic step after a fight with his friend Lokesh. The 'Bigg Boss Kannada' winner accused Lokesh of harassing him, misusing his name and trying to spoil his reputation.

In a chilling confession, Pratham said in the video, "I never imagined committing suicide in my life, but these people are not letting me lead a peaceful life. At least let my death become a lesson for you all."

Pratham also blamed the media for publishing false reports about him. He had apparently promised to donate the prize money of winning 'Bigg Boss Kannada' Season 4. However, on not doing so, he was questioned by many as to when he was going to donate the money and why he hadn't done it so far.

Clarifying about the same, Pratham claimed in the video that he received the prize money only now and that he doesn't wish to keep a single penny of it. He also showed the cheque and passbooks in the video.

He further rued about how anything he did was being wrongly projected and that he couldn't 'take it anymore'. He said this would be his 'final Facebook Live video' and apologised if he had hurt anyone.

According to reports, Pratham was immediately taken to a hospital, where the doctors said he was out of danger. He has reportedly been discharged.

While some users on social media sympathised with Pratham, others called it a publicity stunt.

Earlier, Lokesh had filed a complaint with the police accusing Pratham of assaulting him.

Pratham's suicide attempt comes a day after 24-year-old student Arjun Bhardwaj ended his life by jumping off the 19th floor of a hotel in Mumbai. Arjun, too, had shared a Facebook Live video before taking the extreme step.

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